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The Swindlers Escape


Well, my friend, we seem to quite a problem on our hands. That ole scoundrel, Doc Parker showed up here in our beloved town of Buzzards Breath bout a week back. He done swindled darn near everyone in town outta all their savings. I hear tell he is jumping on the next train out of here. The town has voted to deputize you folks and have you all get our money back from that low down, yellow bellied varmit! Hurry though! That scoundrel is gonna be back in a half an hour and then all that money will be gone forever!


The Hillbilly Still


Well, My old granny Millie is out on bender somewhere. Aint no one seen her for days. But we gotta get her still a-runnin so’s we can fill that big order for that city slicker. But you know ole granny….she done HID all the ingredients to her Moonshine maker! If we don’t get that still pumping out that white lightning, that city slicker is gonna be really mad and there’s no telling what he might do. He’ll be here an in a half hour to check on our progress…..we gotta show him that that there shine is a-flowin!! Cmon, there stranger…give us a hand will ya!

The Knights Quest


I am Sir Lamorak. The evil wizard Belgrath is back of the loose and has wrecked havoc over our kingdom. He desperately wants to overthrow our great King and seize power for himself. We need your help! I am hereby knighting all of you to help us find Belgrath’s book of spells. This book is the source of his power and Finding it is the only way to stop him. But hurry…Belgrath will return within a half hour.

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